Week in Review

Week in Review

I began this week the way I ended last week, by enjoying the incredible nature and outdoor recreation available in our region. I got an early start on the Mount Greylock ramble on Monday, enough so that it was still foggy when we reached the summit. Either that or we got there before DCR turned on the scenery for the day.

Not to put too fine a point on it or push a metaphor past the breaking point but this seems like a good comparison to leadership and service work: sometimes the path Isn’t as clear as you might hope, sometimes you’re navigating by instinct, but with great teammates and a good plan you can always make progress.

With that, here are a few of the trails we blazed over the course of this past week:

💫 I worked with staff in the Offices of community development and community events to brainstorm ideas for the state's Urban Agenda grant program, as well as to consider opportunities to pursue funding through the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund.

💫 I attended the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition's monthly forum, which this month was a continuation of the discussion series around inclusive development. It was great to be part of a conversation about the importance of building a strong and welcoming community for all residents and visitors.

💫 I joined IT staff and a website working group for a preliminary meeting with our website vendor to review preliminary design specs and examples of other municipal sites. This helped to set initial parameters for the look and feel of our new website; there will be opportunities for public input based on the vendor's preliminary layouts.

💫 I joined representatives from Senator Markey's and Warren's and Congressman Neal's offices, the Hoosic River Revival, and MASS MoCA in meeting with staff from the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss how we begin to tackle needed upgrades to the flood control system.

💫 I led an economic development field trip to Easthampton at the invitation of Mayor Nicole LaChapelle. It’s clear we have a lot in common and a lot that each of our communities can learn from each other. I’m looking forward to hosting a reciprocal visit to North Adams soon.

💫 I stopped in at the last outdoor farmer's market of the season (look for the monthly indoor market at The Green to return in November!), checked out the craft fair held at Norad Mill, and visited open studios at the Eclipse Mill. Events like these bring people together and just as importantly showcase the creativity of our community.

💫 I took a surprise turn as auctioneer (and believe me, no one was more surprised than I was), at the PopCares chicken dinner, helping to support great people and a great cause in our community.

All of this work, whether in preliminary stages or as part of ongoing efforts, helps expand the roadmap for a strong and resilient North Adams. I look forward to continuing to work with the great team in the city and throughout the community to build on these efforts in the weeks and months to come. -TWB

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