We're Building a City for Everyone!

Together, we've made great progress and moved North Adams forward over the past two years. Our job now is to keep working together to create a successful, inclusive, and safe community, one that is welcoming to 

  • Lifelong residents and recent arrivals
  • Our youngest residents, who deserve a world class education
  • College students
  • Seniors who are looking for dignity, respect, engagement
  • Veterans and their surviving spouses
  • People of color living in a majority white community
  • Members of the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Those living with disabilities
  • Tourists and visitors


Building a city for everybody, involves asking several important questions:

  • How do we build on momentum?
  • How do we provide city support to advance projects fueled by incredible grass roots energy?
  • How do we address the challenges that prevent everyone from thriving?


To succeed, I will continue to focus on ensuring our city is one that offers

  • Safe Neighborhoods
  • Good Jobs
  • Great Schools


I hope to have your support on Tuesday, November 5th!


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    Love this! You GO, Tom!
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