Unfinished Business

Thank you, Rich Taskin!

Thank you, David Moresi!

"Mayor Bernard has been a champion for all of the new growth and forward moving developments that are underway in North Adams. I have had the pleasure to engage with him on some recent projects for North Adams and the support and excitement he brings to the table is impressive."

Thank you, David Moresi, for your support letter!,588512?

Week in Review

I began this week the way I ended last week, by enjoying the incredible nature and outdoor recreation available in our region. I got an early start on the Mount Greylock ramble on Monday, enough so that it was still foggy when we reached the summit. Either that or we got there before DCR turned on the scenery for the day.

Not to put too fine a point on it or push a metaphor past the breaking point but this seems like a good comparison to leadership and service work: sometimes the path Isn’t as clear as you might hope, sometimes you’re navigating by instinct, but with great teammates and a good plan you can always make progress.

With that, here are a few of the trails we blazed over the course of this past week:
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Easthampton Field Trip

Thanks to Mayor Nicole LaChapelle​ and the team from Easthampton for a great field trip this past Friday. We had a great day learning about what’s happening in Easthampton, and sharing ideas about building our cultural districts, downtown and neighborhood development, adaptive reuse, planning and zoning priorities, and inclusive redevelopment, among other topics - and we ended up the day with a great ride along the bike trail using Valley Bike Share pedal assist bikes.

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Thank you, Dan Bosley!

"Tom understands the need to continue working to build on the successes we have seen so far, and he knows that there are those who have not experienced that success. In my conversations with him, his passion for all our citizens shines through and his commitment to making life better for all our citizens is apparent."

Thank you, Daniel Bosley​, for this letter of support!,587882?

Thank you, Mike Boland!